Saturday, November 29, 2008

Committee 2010

The Hamilton County Republican Party is currently forming Committee 2010. As I have previously blogged, this committee will look toward the future and work toward identifying good candidates who are not necessarily on the city council. The committee will be asked these questions:

1. What can we do to boost the notoriety and electability of township, city, and village candidates for higher office?

2. What specific strategies can we put in place to make these people viable candidates?

3. What specific candidates can we identify as a party right now to make them viable for 2010 and beyond?

4. What reasonable resources can the Hamilton County Republican Party provide to make this happen?

Today, I ask you to consider specific candidates that you have identified as great leaders in your township, city or village. Who are our future leaders?

This blog is regularly reviewed by members of the local media who cover politics. Comment with the names of those people that ought to be leading our party into the next decade!