Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Spotlight: Chris Monzel

Starting this Sunday, I will occasionally write a "Sunday Spotlight" blog entry to shine the light on a great Republican. I'm happy to make our inaugural "Sunday Spotlight" shine on my friend Chris Monzel.

Is there any politician in elected office locally that "walks the walk" the way that Chris does? No way.

Chris Monzel has been on city council on two separate occasions with his most recent stint starting in 2005. Chris has been a consistent conservative voice lost in a sea of liberal tax-and-spenders at City Hall. Chris has also focused on constituent service and has done an outstanding job of serving the citizens of the city.

Recently, Chris was the first voice of reason on the ridiculous trash tax proposed by the Democrat appointed city manager. Chris's position ultimately prevailed as city voters spoke out loud and clear in agreement with Chris. The Mayor ultimately followed Chris's lead and threw out the ridiculous notion that the beleaguered taxpayers of the city of Cincinnati should be forced to pay an extra fee for the basic services of city government.

Chris is the proud father of three wonderful children and a great husband to wife Jana. He resides in Spring Grove Village. Chris is a graduate of Moeller High School, Purdue University, the University of Cincinnati, and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

A little known fact about Chris? He is actually a rocket scientist at GE.

Cincinnati is lucky to have a man of Chris's intellect and stature on the city council and as Republicans, we should be proud to have Chris serving us and staying committed to our core principles as a member of the city council.

To learn more about Chris, check out his website by clicking here.