Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Day After

Check out the poll I have posted on the blog to the right side of here. It asks about "the deal" entered into by the Democrats and Republicans.

Some of the vulgar, classless, gloating that has been displayed by the Democrats in comments to this blog is embarrasing for them. Guys--ya had a good night--show a little class.

We are still assessing the results of last night's election returns. There are many votes left to be counted and we still have a few races that are close enough to be affected. We will be monitoring all of this very closely.

My overall assessment is not great--but there is a silver lining.

I expect that Patti Clancy will win the Clerk of Courts race. This is an important office to us and one that needs to stay with a Republican. In a year where the Democrats brought a tsunami, I believe we will hold onto that seat. I'm encouraged by that.

County Recorder Rebecca Groppe has a lead in the unofficial vote count and we hope she will be re-elected to this important post.

Party leader Greg Hartmann won an overwhelming 30% point victory over an opponent that actually was out campaigning. Greg is a real leader in our GOP and the strength he showed at the polls last night was encouraging.

Pat DeWine won a great victory to hold onto a judgeship against a well-known opponent that we might expect might benefit greatly from the Obama coattails.

We did suffer some disappointments. Tops among those are Congressman Steve Chabot. There is no finer man and public servant to this area than Steve Chabot. He got caught in a wave that had little to do with him or his opponent, but more to do with the national mood. I spoke with Steve Chabot today and he displayed his usual class, dignity, and good humor. I am honored to call him a friend.

Judge Russell Mock is a rising star on the bench and we have not heard the last of him.
Finally, my former colleague and friend Judge Fred Nelson was defeated. This one took us all by surprise because of Judge Nelson's stellar reputation for intellect and fairness on the bench. This is clearly a race that was affected by the national mood as Judge Nelson is a fine judge and respected by everyone.

It was a tough night. The Republican Party should take a deep breath and then chart a course for the future. I am excited to be part of that in Hamilton County.

To my loyal readers (both of you), I may be taking a few days to rest and I'll be back to blogging in no time. Thanks for reading.