Thursday, November 20, 2008

Democrats Seek to Silence the 28th House District

Does the Democratic Party want to silence the fine citizens of the 28th House District?

This morning, the Enquirer reports that "Ciafardini Takes Seat, Dems Grumble." In that article, local Democrats and Connie Pillich, the representative-elect, raise a completely illegitimate argument about Andrew Ciafardini's residency status. Ms. Pillich, a lawyer known to many of us, simply does not understand the law. Not much of a surprise.

The interim appointment of Andrew Ciafardini is completely within the bounds of the law as he is finishing the term of the previously elected Republican that held that seat. Rep. Ciafardini was doing the people's business in Washington, D.C. and he is, therefore, exempt from the residency requirements under law.

The citizens of the 28th House District deserve representation during this critical final few weeks of the year as the Ohio House of Representatives finishes its business. I'm pleased that Rep. Ciafardini has taken on this challenge.

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