Sunday, November 09, 2008

In the Wildnerness? Not in Hamilton County.

I was disappointed to read the Enquirer's article today about the GOP. It missed the key point of what I wrote on this blog and e-mailed supporters yesterday.

Hamilton County went from red to blue, yet the Hamilton County Republicans did remarkably well. That is a fact.

We are not in the wildnerness in this county. Republicans hold 15 of 18 judgeships in the Court of Common Pleas, 9 of 14 in Municipal Court, all 6 (well, maybe just 5) Court of Appeals spots, the Probate Court, both Juvenile Court jobs, the Clerk's office, the Recorder's office, and the Treasurer's office. I wrote that in my blog and I wrote it in my e-mail. The reporter missed that part--I suppose.

We are not "in the wildnerness" in this County. In fact, we fought off the greatest Democrat onslaught in a generation. We defied the "Obama effect" in large measure and held some critical seats.

NONE of this means that we're "ok." We need to assess our situation and make changes. But, we should assess our situation in a fair way.

To the many that have e-mailed or commented to this, I say THANK YOU. The e-mails have run the gamut from "not conservative enough" to "too conservative." This battle will rage for a period and it is probably a healthy debate.

Stay involved and help us make the changes we need to win.