Monday, November 10, 2008

The County Budget 2009

Hamilton County will wake up today to a headline newspaper story about the fiscal problems facing Hamilton County government. The Enquirer reports, "Pain Expected in County Budget." This sobering information has been known to me for some time.

Earlier this year, I blogged several times on the county budget mess. In my first blog posting (read it here), I showed how the courts have been frugal . In a second posting (read it here), I urged calm and cooperation.

The 2009 budget will force a dramatic change in how county government operates. Every single department of government will need to make cuts in a dramatic way. It is a difficult time for our county employees and their families.

As Republicans, we face a daunting challenge. Our officeholders control a large portion of the county budget.

Over the coming days, I intend to reach out to every Republican leader in this county to discuss these financial problems. It has never been more important to remember our principles as Republicans. We have an opportunity to lead and to do so in a responsible way that shows voters and taxpayers why we are the party of fiscal discipline.

I will keep you posted.