Thursday, May 01, 2008

Attorney General Marc Dann

Many of you may not know this, but Democrat Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has been embroiled in controversy over the allegation that his top deputy sexually harassed certain female staffers. In addition to those allegations, it has come to light that the Attorney General had young female staffers in his apartment in the late evening hours. The allegation was that a 28 year old staffer was seen at his apartment in "pajamas or sweat pants" and was allegedly "there to stay." The scandal has come to be known as "PajamaGate."

Tomorrow is an important day in the story of this scandal. Attorney General Dann ordered an internal investigation of his office and the goings-on. That report will come out tomorrow.

Who did this investigation? His very own staff.

Would you want to investigate your boss? Could you be "independent" and "objective" about your boss who is an elected politician? It's doubtful.

Many have called for a full, independent investigation of what occured in the AG's office. We will not get that tommorrow. That is unfortunate.

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