Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Concealed Carry Licensing Class

I'm happy to announce that the Hamilton County Republican Party is sponsoring a CCW class for any Republican that wishes to receive their permit to carry a concealed weapon under Ohio law. The Party's sponsorship will offset some of the costs of the program and there will be a small fee for anyone wishing to attend.

Here are specifics:

Who: Instructed by Collin Rink, John Fenton, Scott Strauss, Codi Strauss

What: Concealed Carry Licensing class, including basic pistol instruction.

When: July 26, 2008 from 8AM to 8PM

Where: Sycamore Pheasant Club, Miamiville, Clermont County. (Wards Corner Road near the Hamilton County line)

Potential attendees include Republican office-holders, volunteers, donors, and party faithful. Class size will be limited.

I took this class in October, 2005. Although it is a long day, you complete all the requirements in one day and not 3 nights of 4 hours a piece. The meals are great and the experience, although long, is a good one. I highly recommend doing CCW training this way.

On a side note, I received a call from a local reporter from 700 WLW this morning about this class. He seemed somewhat surprised that we would host one of these classes and has made it a news story. I haven't heard the news story. However, he had questions about the class and why we're doing it. I feel strongly that citizens ought to have the right to carry a firearm if they meet the requisite qualifications and this right is as sacred as any other in our Constitution. These classes are held every weekend across the County. I believe that we should sponsor this program to show our support for those in our party that share my belief that gun rights are essential to our liberties. Do you disagree?

If you are interested in attending, contact Pat Maloney at or (513) 381-5454 and he will take your information.