Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Week Ahead

Over a family gathering last night, I was asked an interesting question: What do you do? It was a fair question because the role of party chairman is not a job kids dream about growing up.

I have vowed to use this blog to keep the interested informed as to what is happening at Republican HQ. Here is what your Chairman will do this week.

Today, I will appear at my alma mater, Oak Hills High School, and address young people about my role and about our party. This isn't serious business, but a favor to a longtime friend and one I'm eager to do. I will spread our Republican message. That will only be during the lunch hour. After that, I will go to the Board of Elections. I was recently named to the Board of Elections and I need to be there this afternoon. In the late afternoon, I am meeting with a reporter for the L.A. Times who is doing a story on McCain campaign in southwest Ohio. At 7:30, I will be the speaker at the Sycamore Republican Club Spaghetti Dinner. Join us!

On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Stratton will be here for a luncheon at the Queen City Club. Wednesday afternoon, we will meet with the finalist to receive our appointment to the 31st House district race. Wednesday evening is a fundraiser for Steve Chabot at GABP.

Thursday, I will be appearing opposite Democrat Victoria Wulsin in a "discussion" about our party's position on energy, the economy, and the middle east at a forum at Raymond Walters College. Thursday evening will be a fundraiser for Greg Hartmann.

At HQ, we are working on several programs to help candidates and to promote our vision. We have the voter registration task force working to register Republican voters across the county. We have the CCW class to plan and organize. We are preparing to run a candidate in the 31st house district. We are preparing our McCain leadership/coalition team. We are constantly putting out small fires whether they be candidate issues or other problems. And...we are ALWAYS raising money to support our office, our candidates, and our mission.