Monday, May 12, 2008

A Good Day to be Chairman

Today marks my 2 month anniversary as Chairman of our Party. It has been a busy and interesting 2 months. In that short time, we have accomplished some good things. I count this blog and our push to communicate outside of 700 Walnut as one of those. We hosted our most successful judicial salute fundraiser ever, we have been out to most of our clubs talking about the future, we hosted campaign school, and we have met with a large number of our donors to assure our continued financial success through 2008.

Watch this blog and you will see us unveil a few other new things soon. Among those will be a party sponsored class for those wishing to receive their concealed carry permit and a massive voter registration drive. Both of these things are in the works and we should have something out to you very soon.

Today is a good day to be Chairman of the Party for me. We will be meeting for a substantive conversation with Senator Voinovich during the day. Senator Voinovich has been a longtime leader in the Republican Party and is the senior Senator from Ohio. This evening, I have the honor of introducing Congressman John Boehner, the Republican Leader in the House of Representatives, at a fundraising event. I'm excited about the prospect of meeting with these two great Republicans to discuss Hamilton County and how we can help to assure Republican victories from the White House to the Courthouse!