Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Voter Registration Task Force

We are about to unveil the Hamilton County Republican Voter Registration Task Force. If you can think of a better title, feel free to let me know.

What is the Task Force? The Task Force will oversee, manage, and organize a massive voter registration drive in Hamilton County targeting those voters that we believe will support our candidates. The Task Force is working now to identify public events where we can have a presence. However, the Task Force will do more than that. We are identifying new homeowners and those who have recently changed their address. We are looking for ways to reach potential voters who may agree with us on this issues, but haven't gone to the polls. The Task Force will work to identify these opportunities and then organize the volunteers we need to get the job done.

What can you do now to help us win? DO THIS! Help us by volunteering to be part of our voter registration Task Force.

Want to be a volunteer for us? Please e-mail Pat Maloney at pmaloney@hc-gop.org or call him at (513) 381-5454 and let him know you want to help.

I will have more specific information in this blog and elsewhere as it becomes final.

Finally, don't forget to participate in our online poll. It's right here-->