Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dinner with Senator McCain

I was pleased to attend a small, private dinner with Senator McCain yesterday evening in Columbus, Ohio. Senator McCain met with various business and political leaders from the Columbus region and I was invited to attend by the state finance leadership.

I am pleased to tell you that Senator McCain was GREAT! He is clearly energized and focused on what it will take to win this election. He made it clear that he will run on his own record and speak his mind on the issues. He was eloquent, but very down-to-earth. He understands the challenge that Obama poses and he was frank with all of us about his view of how the campaign will unfold. He recognizes that this will be a fight!

Senator McCain is not a typical Republican candidate. His position on certain issues cause some Republicans consternation. He was candid about those differences. He was challenged by various business leaders on the issues of climate change and immigration. He answered honestly and forthrightly. It is clear to me that he is the only Republican that can win this year. I fully expect he will.

Get involved NOW to make his election a reality in Ohio!