Thursday, May 22, 2008

G.A.S.P. -- or not.

Commissioner Pat DeWine has recently made a proposal to make all government spending available online for the public to easily access. This move to make government more transparent is known as G.A.S.P.--Government Accountability in Spending Program.

With this proposal, the citizens of Hamilton County can see where their tax dollars are being spent (or misspent). It is a great idea!

This is the kind of government program that Republicans should support. It is a program that keeps government more accountable and makes spending transparent. We can only hope that this transparency has the effect of making our public officials more wisely spend our tax dollars.

It would appear that Commissioner Portune doesn't like the name--GASP. Pat may be amenable to a name change. Nevertheless, the program, by whatever name, is a good one.

Kudos to Pat DeWine for leading this fight!