Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's Obama II

If you follow this blog, you know that on 4/23/08, I predicted Obama was going to be the Democrat's nominee for President. I stand by that statement. Obama beat all expectations in North Carolina and Clinton squeaked by in Indiana. This thing is over. Only the arrogance of the Clinton power machine is keeping this alive.

What will the general election look like? It will be very close. If the election were held today, it's a virtual tie. For a great website that tracks potential electoral vote outcomes, click here.

As a person who does this for a living now, I do get concerned when people say things like, "America isn't ready for a black President" or words like that.

First, America certainly IS ready for a black President. Barack Obama's race has nothing to do with why he shouldn't be President. In fact, it's easy to understand the excitement one might have for an African American to be elected President in a nation that has struggled so mightily with the problem of race. But, Senator Obama is NOT right for America because he has a radical left worldview that will certainly "change" America to a place that Americans do not want it to be.

Second, let's assume "America isn't ready for a black President." I disagree strongly, but let's assume that is correct. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF "AMERICA" IS READY. It matters if enough states to make up 270 electoral votes are. And, folks, THEY ARE. California and New York are nearly automatic Democrat pick-ups. That is nearly 1/3 of the Electoral votes needed to be President and that is one heck of a head-start. What is automatic on our side? Texas? They have 34 electoral votes. After Texas, the "automatic" Republican pick-ups are all southern states with 15 or fewer electoral votes.

Why this long dissertation by me? Because all of this points to the importance of OHIO! Ohio has 20 electoral votes that probably will swing this election. Again, we will be the battleground state for the presidency. For a good article on this topic, click here.

This should motivate every single Republican. Do you want Senator Obama selecting up to 4 Supreme Court Justices? Do you want Senator Obama in the White House when the terrorists strike again? Do you want Senator Obama to raise taxes on the "rich" (people making over $100,000)?

John McCain is a steady and tested leader who brings a tremendous amount of experience to the Presidency. He is ready to lead. Senator McCain has a proven track record of getting things done in Washington, not just "hoping".

We can make a difference in Ohio starting with Hamilton County. What can you do NOW to assure Republican leadership in Washington? Click here for my list of what you can do now.