Friday, May 30, 2008

Greg Hartmann

I will occasionally use this space to promote our candidates. Today, I want to discuss my friend Greg Hartmann.

As you probably know, Greg Hartmann is currently the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts. Greg has been clerk since early 2003. He was elected to a full term in 2004. Greg is running to be our next County Commissioner replacing Pat DeWine who is running for Judge.

Greg has been an excellent Clerk of Courts. He has brought fiscal discipline to the office by coming in under budget every year. By saving costs and being smart with the office's resources, Greg has returned over $1.2 Million to the taxpayers in savings during his tenure as our Clerk. He has worked to protect foster children by implementing a foster parent instant background check system. Greg has been a true leader.

Earlier this evening, Greg hosted a fundraising event that was a smash success. Along with his great leadership in government, Greg remains one of our greatest candidates for elected office. He combines good government skills with tremendous political skills. He is a skilled fundraiser because donors recognize his value as a a public official and his fundraising prowess is second to none in this area.

Greg will run an outstanding campaign and I'm confident he will be our next County Commissioner. Consider signing on to help Greg's campaign. Check out his new website at