Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Bold Prediction

John McCain will win Ohio and be the next President of the United States.

Why is this a "bold" prediction? Because there are too many naysayers out there and this is a difficult environment for Republicans. But, I am convinced that it is true.

Senator McCain is winning Ohio in the last 4 credible independent polls. Ohio is still a relatively rural and conservative state. Ted Strickland won the state running as a pro-gun, conservative Democrat (he fooled LOTS of voters!). But, that message wins. Barack Obama is a ultra left-wing radical liberal who wants to "change" America into his socialist image of government controlling everything because people can't be trusted. Ohio will not elect Barack H. Obama and of that, I am convinced!

Yesterday afternoon, we were visited by the McCain Ohio Team. We were all completely impressed by their intelligence, enthusiasm and organization. I am convinced that we have a team in place that understands what needs to happen and is ready to wage the fight that we need to win the White House.

Furthermore, the sophisticated get-out-the-vote (GOTV) effort that is part of the Victory program is firmly in place to help every candidate down the ticket. This has been an important part of electing Republicans and I'm sure of its success this year.

What does it take to execute these winning programs? It takes your help. It takes phone calls, knocking on doors, canvassing neighborhoods, etc.

CAN WE COUNT ON YOU? Email Pat Maloney to join our list of volunteers!

Let's roll!