Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ohio Attorney General

We had our first meeting of the Ohio Attorney General Screening and Search Committee. It was an excellent meeting.

First, we learned that this race is utterly winnable. Although I inherently believed that, what I heard at ORP convinced me that we will win back this very important seat.

Second, we have many good and qualified candidates who can clean up the mess that Marc Dann created in that office. Our job as a committee is to identify the best of these candidates and to find the most qualified. Unlike the Democrats who rushed into a very bad decision with Mr. Dann, we have the luxury of a little time to make the best choice.

Third, it is better to make the right decision than a quick decision and we are embarking on a deliberate process so as to not to repeat the mistakes made by the Democrats in selecting Mr. Dann in 2006.

Finally, yours truly spent some time in the Ohio Republican Party's video studio. In this studio, I cut a couple of videos that should appear on our new website in the coming weeks. We are in the process of remodeling the Party website and it will include a video of me! An even better reason to visit often...

The Ohio Republican Party is an excellent organization and I am proud to be affiliated with them. They do a tremendous job of organizing, recruiting, and assisting candidates. The staff is highly professional and courteous. Since becoming your chairman, I have had occasion to use their services and to work closely with all of them and I couldn't be more pleased. We have been well served by Chairman Bob Bennett and the entire ORP staff. Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine is expected to ascend to the party chairmanship in 2009. Rep. DeWine will be a great leader for our statewide party and I look forward to working with him to elect Republicans.