Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Long Day

I learned an important lesson in media relations yesterday and it made for a long day.

Some of you may have caught wind of an article published in the Los Angeles Times critical of the "McCain disconnect in Ohio." The article quoted a few prominent conservative activists about their concerns with the campaign. It also quoted me. The Enquirer picked up on it saying "Local GOP chides McCain."

For the record, I "chided" nobody. But, leave it to the media to make a story out of nothing at all. Furthermore, only one quote of many that I made was actually picked-up by the reporter. Typical.

As Republican Chairman, I need to be more careful about my choice of words and how I express them. Like so many Republicans who were demoralized after our 2006 defeats, I am anxious to exorcise those demons and win elections this fall. I have spent many nights going around this county talking about how John McCain is the right candidate at the right moment in time to win this election. I believe strongly that John McCain is a mainstream conservative candidate who can win this election and I have spoken on his behalf time and again.

I am pleased to tell you that the McCain campaign is up and running nearly full speed in Ohio. The local McCain field representative is in town now and meeting with us later today. We have secured a Victory office on 7th Street next to First Watch. We have filled our coalition chairs here in the County so as to be ready to reach out to those groups that traditionally support Republicans.

I am more confident than ever that John McCain's will win Ohio! Sen. McCain leads Barack Obama in the last four credible polls conducted in Ohio and our Victory efforts are kicking into high gear this month.

There will be many "long days" is the months ahead. They are all worth it. Our cause and what it means for America is important and we can make a difference in Hamilton County.

Join us to win this fight!