Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's Obama III

I previously have blogged in this space about Senator Obama. I declared the Democratic presidential primary over on April 23 and again on May 7. The sheer selfishness and failure to see the obvious will forever be part of the Clinton legacy. Early tonight, it became "officially" Obama as the Democratic nominee for President. Hillary has yet to concede--unbelievable.

It is an historic night. Senator Obama is a vigorous campaigner and an impressive political figure. He has tremendous energy and he is a gifted orator. His nomination is an important step in the evolution of our democracy and it should be seen as a significant step toward reaching Martin Luther King's dream that people will be judged "by the content of their character" not the "color of their skin." I credit Senator Obama for running a nearly flawless campaign and beating the "inevitable" nominee Hillary Clinton. It is remarkable that Senator Obama beat the "Clinton Machine." Congratulations to him.

Enough of that.

This presidential election will be about the future of America. It will be about whether this nation takes a radical lunge to the left in response to an unpopular administration in D.C. It will be about experience and qualifications to lead our country at a time of war. It takes more than nice speeches.

It is time for our party to UNITE AND FIGHT!

John McCain is the right man to be President at this point in our history. He has a long history of working to solve problems in Washington. He is a mainstream conservative Republican who will bring mainstream Republican principles to his administration. He will be a great President.

What can you do now to help him win? Here is the list:

1. Visit and contribute money. Yes, make a financial commmitment to Senator McCain. Even $25 can go a long way on the internet.

2. E-mail Pat Maloney, political director of the Hamilton County Republican Party at and tell him you want to lead a coalition for Senator McCain's election as President. Tell Pat you want to be on the volunteer recruitment list and that you want to be kept up-to-date on campaign activities in your area.

3. Go to your local Republican Club meeting. Click here for a list of local Republican Clubs. Local clubs are a great way to meet other like-minded people and you can learn about Republican events in your neighborhood where your time and energy can be best used.

4. Make a contribution to us at the Hamilton County Republican Party. Yes, we need your help. Your local party is the main hub of activity for Republicans in this region providing a large headquarters with phone banks, conference rooms, computers, and support for grassroots efforts. The local party recruits and endorses candidates. We help candidates connect with a large donor base and we dedicate ourselves to helping candidates. You can donate here.

5. Commit yourself to working at the grassroots level to elect Republicans!Don't sit and watch Fox News and think that makes a difference. It's important to vote Republican. It's more important to get out and make a difference in your community.

Join us!!!