Monday, June 30, 2008

Rob Portman

I have used this space to talk about many candidates since I started this blog back in March. Today, I'm happy to blog about Congressman Rob Portman.

We are very lucky to have a man of his intelligence, integrity, and knowledge in our party.

I'm not out of line when I say that John McCain can not find a more able person to serve as his Vice President. Rob is not only politically astute, but highly capable on issues of policy and government. He is a statesman and a scholar. Political figures of his stature come along very rarely and I am honored to have him living and working in Hamilton County.

Personally, Rob has been very supportive of my chairmanship and he has helped our candidates whenever they need it.

Most recently, I had the chance to ride on the "Straight Talk Express" with Rob. It is fair to say we were all impressed with his knowledge of the issues that affect Ohio and the nation. Senator McCain has a tremendous ally in Rob Portman

Rob Portman's future is very bright. I look forward to helping him in any way that we can. To learn more about Rob's current project to help Ohioans, check out the Ohio's Future PAC Website.