Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Politics Ain't Beanbag"

Have you ever heard that phrase? It is one of my favorites. The origination of the phrase appears to be a subject of some dispute. If you care that much, read here. That phrase has come to describe the "rough and tumble" of politics and how the political arena can be brutal and difficult. In my time as a political observer and activist, I have come to really understand why that phrase has been used through the generations. I have seen, time and again, the toll that politics can have on friendships, families, and relationships.

Why am I blogging about that phrase today?

Governor Strickland named the newest Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Judge yesterday. This attorney, Jody Luebbers, replaces ME on the Court of Common Pleas. Read the story here. Ms. Luebbers is well-known to me and to the entire Republican courthouse establishment. To be honest, she is considered a friend to many people within that establishment and she has worked for one of our Republican leaders, Joe Deters, for many, many years. Ms. Luebbers is a decent person.

However, she has been a lifelong Democrat. As Chairman of the Republican Party, I believe that the Democrat party and what they stand for is not right for America or for this County.

So, what does this all mean? It means that Judge Russell Mock is the only candidate worthy of support in the fall election for the Court of Common Pleas. I will do everything within my power to support JUDGE MOCK and to assure his election to the Court of Common Pleas. I will urge every Judge, every bailiff, every person within our Republican establishment to fully support Judge Mock.

Judge Mock is an experienced Judge who has served with distinction for 4 years on the bench. Judge Mock has been a prosecutor and has served as an attorney in civil cases as well. He has a distinguished record of service that is unmatched in his race. He has proven judicial temperament and experience. He is ready for this next step in his judicial career.

Elect Judge Mock!